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Z Awards

The Z Awards are designed to recognize and celebrate top IT organizations and partners, displaying exceptional innovation, leadership and collaboration. Highlight the incredible talents of your organization, tell us about your excellent leadership skills, or describe the vision you set for Zenoss within your organization. It’s your turn to shine and be recognized.

Entries will be accepted through Wednesday, February 1 Wednesday, February 15. Finalists will be announced March 1, and winners will be announced April 11 at the Z Awards ceremony. Zenoss partners and customers who have Core, ZSD or ZaaS deployments are eligible for a Z Award.

Winners Receive:

  • The coveted crystal Z Award
  • A free pass to GalaxZ18
  • Inclusion in our PR announcement of the winners
  • Admiration from all of your peers!

Innovator of the Year

This award recognizes organizations worldwide that have inspired and worked with Zenoss to drive product vision and excellence throughout their organization. This award recognizes technological achievements of an individual who demonstrated creative thinking, remarkable leadership, effective internal communications, and innovative use of Zenoss solutions throughout their organization.

Team of the Year

Has your team achieved exceptional success as a result of accelerating the adoption of modern IT infrastructure, improving service quality, or monitoring the businesses’ most critical IT assets? Well, this award is perfect for you. Tell us about your business and how your team worked together to deploy and use a modern IT monitoring experience.

MSP of the Year

If you’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP), then this award is for you. The MSP of the Year Award recognizes the partner who consistently delivers service excellence managing Zenoss internally and/or for your customers. Elaborate on the value you provide to customers and share how you empower your customers to achieve their monitoring and business goals.

ZenMaster of the Year

Are you as much as a fanatic about the Zenoss community as we are? Share how you (or a person you nominate) are driving change in your organization by leveraging the Zenoss community to transform monitoring to a critical infrastructure component and serving as a ZenMaster.

Implementation of the Year

The most effective IT leaders are not only introducing cutting-edge technologies but are strategically managing organizations to navigate through the challenges of the modern data center. Tell us about your Zenoss implementation and what the key highlights and learnings were of the experience.

Channel Partner of the Year

This award recognizes partners worldwide who have inspired and worked with Zenoss to drive product vision and excellence. Share how your organization serves customers and combines technology, experience and knowledge to make technology buying and the implementation of Zenoss simple and straightforward.

Technology Partner of the Year

This award recognizes the strategic technology partner who complements the Zenoss solution and makes you an excellent technology partner. Share what your technology does and why our partnership is a win-win for both of our customers.

Services Partner of the Year

This award recognizes the partner who provided Zenoss services to customers throughout the year and did so by incorporating individual needs of the customer to create a superior experience for all parties involved.

Vision & Innovation Within an Industry

The Vision and Innovation Award recognizes technological achievements of individuals, companies and partners that demonstrate an innovative vision and agility to meet the businesses’ needs in a particular vertical (e.g., health care, education, technology, etc).

Rookie of the Year

This award is open to those who have successfully implemented Zenoss in the past year and did so while making it look so easy. The Rookie of the Year Award honors fast starters for their superb planning, execution and results from implementing Zenoss.

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