Fayçal Noushi

Fayçal Noushi

CEO/CTO, Zen Networks

Fayçal Noushi is an expert in monitoring and devops topics for mobile network operators. His main activities revolve around mobile core network technologies, cloud, and data analytics platforms. Fayçal bridges innovative aspects of these heterogeneous domains to disrupt and create value.

Through Zen Networks, a monitoring company he founded, Fayçal and team have implemented various monitoring projects for mobile networks. They had the opportunity to migrate from Zenoss Core product to Zenoss Cloud while adapting over a dozen custom Zenoss modules (ZenPacks) they’ve developed. This was a great opportunity to leap frog from the legacy Zenoss product to the AIOps-enabled one. The talk will cover challenges and complexities of offering a centralized monitoring solution for 24/7 network operations center teams while creating better value with enhanced customizations on a hybrid network.

Monitoring, Automation, DevOps & Data Analytics – Zen Networks

Learn how Zen Networks addresses the increasing demands for more modern monitoring tooling, especially around smart detection of abnormal behavior, and how they leverage Zenoss smart dashboards, as it is the cornerstone for automated AIOps.