Louis McCurry

Louis McCurry

Systems Analyst, Southern Company

Like you, Louis McCurry has a passion to be “ahead of the curve” when it comes to monitoring IT infrastructure. The desire is to know, address and resolve an issue before the boss – or more importantly, the customer – sees something wrong. Is it self-healing? Unified monitoring? Redundancy? Do we fund monitoring to the same level as the systems and architecture?

With over three decades of information technology experience in diverse roles, Louis has come to realize the value of efficient monitoring within IT infrastructure. He has certifications in multiple flavors of Unix/Linux, network topologies, operating systems and hardware. His current role is as a systems analyst with Southern Company, a premier energy company serving the southeast.

Zenoss for Power & Energy – Southern Company

Learn how Zenoss provides the primary monitoring mechanism for the computing and technology infrastructure that maintains and controls the energy grid in the southeastern United States.