Natalia Bakusevych

Natalia Bakusevych

Experience Designer, Zenoss

Natalia Bakusevych has been a product designer for nearly 10 years, helping leading companies in health care, finance, travel, hospitality and IT Ops transform their digital offerings and create experiences that matter. She has extensive experience in large-scale product ecosystems, from setting up the design processes and facilitating discovery sessions to creating design systems and accessibility audits to ensure consistency and simplicity at scale. For Natalia, design is a passion that inspires her to find a balance between the users and business or product needs to ensure the customer has the best experience possible.

At Zenoss, Natalia leads the design vertical and collaborates with all product and development teams to ensure a holistic user experience.

The Value of a Beautiful User Interface – Zenoss

UX for AIOps has come a long way from command line and bash scripts. A beautiful UX is the result of a purposeful, principled and process-driven approach that begins with customer discovery. Learn about Zenoss’ continual evolution with before and after examples that highlight increased productivity and efficiency for both Zenoss and customers.