Sean Hummel

Sean Hummel

Systems Administrator, Booz Allen Hamilton

Sean Hummel is a systems administrator for Booz Allen Hamilton, supporting the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Information of Security. Working with the VA almost seven years, Sean been the driving force behind migrating their existing Zenoss Core 4 instance to Zenoss Service Dynamics.

Using various tools, he has created a universal dashboard for VA application owners to check on the health of the HCL BigFix environment and has customized the Zenoss instance with ZenPacks and reports. Sean has worked with Zenoss frequently in the past seven years, receiving the ZenMaster Zenny Award and winning the 2018 ZenPack of the Year challenge.

Custom Monitoring Metrics – Department of Veterans Affairs

Learn how the the Department of Veterans Affairs cyber team was able to take their existing Zenoss implementation and extend its monitoring capabilities to assist the team and its stakeholders, creating custom monitoring metrics to keep track of the health of the systems that are monitored.